He has made everything beautiful in it's time.

He has made everything beautiful in it's time.
Ecclesiates 3:11

Friday, 14 March 2014


空杯之空,在于有无之间的相溶。一只杯子,注满水以前是空的,将水倒掉后,仍然是空。空是完成,又是期待,空是两次充盈之间的短暂休息,一头连着往事的回味,一头连着未来的希望。 You may check out more from this link - > 空杯以待 丫阁终老

I saw this from a friend's blog and did a search online, and was touched by how the script-writer of Heavenly Sword (1986 HK Drama Series) had used this for the ending of the story, although this was not found in the original novel.

It means empty in the beginning, and empty in the end, if I can phrase it this way.

But actually, think about the fullness or emptiness of the cup, it is actually full of the air, if not by tangible things, like water. 

I do not quite agree with everything that was written in blog, however, it does remind me on some biblical truth I learnt from my pastor.

The old wine (the old covenant, the Law) must be emptied. We cannot mix the old wine and the new wine together, lest we loose both.

The new wine, or the new covenant, is the Grace of God, that is given to His beloveds, by believing in Jesus' finished work on the cross. Simple? Too good to be true? Well, that's the good news! Good news are usually too good to be true, right? A good news from God, will be even better and it's so simple that people just can't believe it.

It is so dangerous to live a mixtures life, mixtures of Law & Grace. The Law was given through Moses, but Grace and Truth came through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. How great is the feeling, to know that Grace and Truth came to us! 

Think of it, if we do not empty the old wine in our life, how can we receive the new wine that come to us? 

I was, at first, originally, wanted to pen down some romance or sentimental feeling about this Chinese poem, but I ended up writing down something about my Lord and Saviour. His love is greater than life and definitely sweeter than wine.

It reminds me of an hymn (not really a hymn actually) :) ... 

Your love is better than life, sweeter than wine
It's more than I can ever imagine
Your love is all that I need
So Lord I receive
Your loving kindness and grace for me

How great is my God! Amen!

It's the most romantic thing that ever happened in my life, is to know that I am so loved by my Lord Jesus! The second will be with my future husband. Hahaha!

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