He has made everything beautiful in it's time.

He has made everything beautiful in it's time.
Ecclesiates 3:11

Friday, 24 October 2014

Elf's: Godly Friend

We were suppose to catch a movie together yesterday, however, we missed the show time as he insisted that I should take a proper lunch. There's always next time for the movie, right? 

The dessert we had was super yummy - 楊枝甘露 from 香港盛記甜品店 at Vivo City. My lunch was so-so and I believed his 燒賣 were the same. 

Yummy 楊枝甘露

We went for a walk at Vivo City, stayed outdoor at one of the balconies at level 1 and talked for awhile, about his encounters at HK. Apparently, Causeway Bay is a very nice area and very atas, specially for expats that work for Cathay. Wow! And he loves that place. 

Then I suggested to take a walk at the Sentosa Boardwalk. And it was his first time walking there. I felt so priviledge  and special as he is going to walk there with me for his first time. So, we walked and paid $1 as entrance fee to Sentosa. 

Walked at Sentosa for awhile and we headed back to Vivo by taking the LRt. And we headed to the coffee house he has suggested although I wanted to go to my fav Costa Coffee so much, but I really don't mind trying any new thing with him. 

So, it is a newly opened coffee house - abc that is located just next to Jamie's Italian. Nice environment. Cozy and warm. I wanted to order my fav drink - Flat White, of coz. But he teased me that I made a good choice for Flat White has the highest milk contains compared to the rest. (I was being advised by my GP to avoid milky and oily food as I was having gastroenteritis). So, I knew I have to change my drink and he suggested mocha, which is my second fav drink. And latte for himself. He also has ordered a piece of brownies to share, and he checked with the counter that it doesn't contains milk. How thoughtful and swet can he be? 

My Mocha in red cup, love it!

My mocha came in a red cup, which is our fav colour. I was super happy with it. And with a heart-shape latte-art (although my order was not latte), its almost perfect. And when I tasted it, it was good. Fragrant and smooth textures. 

His Latte

His latte came with a heart-shaped latte art too. Not sure how it taste, but I guess it's good. And I think his fav drink should be latte, as this is not the first time he ordered latte. 

We had a not so long but definitely one of the best conversations we ever had. He truly cares about my future, and gave me his sincere advises, and encouraged me that it's not too late to start my planning now, I am still young. 

Me and my red cup Mocha

Then, he suggested to take a pic of me drinking my mocha in my fav red cup. So cute of him. He also commented that I like to dress up. I told him I like to dress up but not dress out, and will dress up for special people, special function or special ocassion only. 

When we bid our goodbye to each other, as we were going to different way, I need to take CCL to go back to BL, and he will take NEL to go back to LI. I went down the escalator by myself, and enter the train. I chose to stand at the corner and I noticed that someone sat at the twin seats next to me, and that person was using his phone at me as if he is taking a pic of me. I did not pay much attention at first and thought maybe is just a tourist, then that person is like trying to get my attention, so, when I looked again at that person, wola! It was him. I was surprised coz he was supposed to rush home after meeting me up. And he told me that he needs to drop something at his home at TB. So I asked if I can go with him as it was still early and my aunt did not cook for me. 

We walked to his block and I waited for him under the block while he went up for his business. We talked a lot... and while walking back to the train station, I saw a very unique buildings, okay, it's 3 buildings actually, and I asked him if he knows what building was that. It was called Reflections @ Keppel Bay. And he also shared with me that this is like the proud of Keppel Construction, and the buildings are also featured in Keppel's advertisement, the one with a very nice instrument, and we hummed it together. It was almost perfect. A perfect moment for us. 

Reflections at Keppel Bay
We give each other a hug while waiting for the lift to go down to the train station, it has been so long since we last hugged each other, but we did not prolong the hug, just a short and solid hug for each other. 

“But I think we both knew, even then, that what we had was something even more rare, and even more meaningful. I was going to be his friend, and was going to show him possibilities. And he, in turn, would become someone I could trust more than myself.” 
― David LevithanBoy Meets Boy

We love because He first loved us.  - 1 John 4:19 (NIV)

Monday, 20 October 2014

Songs: Sancturary

This song is written by my crush - Mr KC Gan. I like this song even before I knew him, the song was introduced by FC. 

A very anointed worship song.

When my world was in darkness
You spoke Your word
Night turned into day
Your beauty filled this place

When my world stood in silence
You filled my heart with songs that never end
Forever I will praise

To think that the universe
Could not withhold Your glory
You choose to live in me
I'm so amazed

And I worship You Lord
My life in You restored
Here is my heart
Make it Your Sanctuary
For nobody else
But Jesus, only You

You are faithful and true
Glorious Lord
All my life it is You I adore
You touched my soul
Completed my world
I surrender to you

Thank you KC for this beautiful worship song written for our Lord Jesus.

The Sanctuary - New Creation Church, Singapore

Friday, 17 October 2014

FMF: Connect

Philippians 2:1-2Amplified Bible (AMP)

So by whatever [appeal to you there is in our mutual dwelling in Christ, by whatever] strengthening and consoling and encouraging [our relationship] in Him [affords], by whatever persuasive [a]incentive there is in love, by whatever participation in the [Holy] Spirit [we share], and by whatever depth of affection and compassionate sympathy,
Fill up and complete my joy by living in harmony and being of the same mind and one in purpose, having the same love, being in full accord and of one harmonious mind andintention.
First of all, I don't get to see any word from the FMF page, hence, I decided that it will CONNECT, as this is what my church is currently launching, to get connected with the church members and make church life more family like.

I was looking for bible verses related to connect or connection, and came across these verse as quoted above.

I was deeply hurt by a church friend when I moved to my current church, and so I was telling God, I don't want to make any friends here, please don't send me friends. I literally closed myself up. But God, as usual, has a better plan for me. He set-up Chingay for me to sign up, and met VL, my ex-colleague back, and friends kept flowing in for me. Then I met BC, and she brought me to serve in RSM, and after that we both together with other friends from Chingay signed up for choir audition. And I got more than 1 hundred fold of what I have lost.

I was still not opened, very reserved towards new friends. But God loves me deeply and sent me friends that are very passionate and somehow can feel me and they melted my "wall". I enjoy the new friends that I made in RSM, as well as choir. I have a WWJD group as well as JDFC from both ministry. They are like my second family. We love, uplift, encourage, pray for each other.

Not to forget my M Club jimuis in Malaysia. They are my closest family, whom God has greatly blessed me with. MY, YT, CY & KL, I just love you all so much! I pray for salvation to come to each and everyone of you, in Jesus' name. Amen!

The best thing is, God restored my broken relationship with the one who hurt me before, and we are like the closest sisters for each other again. God know us best, He knows that we love each other, it's the pride that destroy our friendship. He spoke to me in many ways, and I know, I have to let her that I have already forgiven her. Although JR doesn't agree for what I did, but I know that this is the way. JR should not be controlling my choice of friends and actions.

And of course, my best friend will always be Jesus, who will never leave me nor forsake me. Thank You Lord.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Movies: The Judge

Watched The Judge today alone after seeing doctor for my sore throat condition.

I don't know about this movie at all, as in I have no idea that this movie actually existed. But when I checked on the movies showing that the nearby movie house, most of the movies are horror type and I really don't like horror movie that usually create unnecessary fear in one's heart. And so, I saw this movie called The Judge, doesn't sound like a horror movie to me, and after watching the trailer, I'd decided to watch this movie.

First of all, Mr IronMan - Robert Downey Jr. is the first reason that caught my eyes and interest, and secondly, it is a story about lawyer and judge, son and father, kinda interesting for me as I like story about professionalism and family.

Entered the cinema at 12.45pm, and the show has just started, I chose a very good seat, the last row of the cinema, and because it's a weekday, it is almost empty in the cinema.

The story is about Henry Palmer, a very successful lawyer, received the news of his mother passed away while he was in the court room. He has not been home for the longest time due to the bad relationship between him and his father, Judge Joseph Palmer. Deep in his heart, he believes that his father hated him. There were many bitterness in his heart, with his father and brothers for the wrongs that he did when he was younger. He doesn't know how to deal with all the wrongs that he did, and he is too ego to admit his wrongs, and so, he chose to flee to another state to live a life that he think he is comfortable with.

So, after he returned home for his mother's funeral, many things happened, and he gets to face some ugly pasts that he tried to leave behind, fixed his relationship with his father and his first girlfriend as well.

Overall, it's a very nice story with strong casting. Mr Downey is very smart, handsome and sexy in the movie. JR text-ed me and I shared with him that Robert is very sexy and yummy. Lol! Thou shall not lust, Evelyn Zoé!

I cried a few times during the movie, the father and son are in the progress of fighting the enemy together, and especially when his father fell down in his bathroom, it reminds me of my dad. I hope everything will be fine with him, very soon! Amen!

If you are going to watch this movie too, enjoy!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Elf's: The New Covenant Church (tNCC)

I have been looking for a home church since dad is having health challenge issue and sis are insisting me to go back to KL for good. 

I came across The New Covenant Church (tNCC) while checking for grace-based church in KL by using Google search, and read some blog about this church, thinking that I should pay it a visit one day when I am at home.

The New Covenant Churh tNCC

It has been about 2 months since I have this plan but it was never able to carry out, until last Sunday.

One week before I go back, I text-ed Yong and invited him to go with me, and he has agreed.

So, we met up at 9.30am on Sunday, and headed to this church, which is located nearby at Damansara Utama directly.

Upon entering to the sanctuary, the ushers were standing at the door to greet the church comers. The setup of the stage looks familiar, but without the choir group. I chose a seat next to the video camera, and its quite center-seats and started chit-chatting with Yong. Then, along came some elders and servers came to greet us, and even the senior pastor of tNCC - Pastor Peter Sze. Feel so homely, coz everyone seems to know everyone. While all these were happening, the worship team were busy testing the sounds system and doing rehearsal on stage, just like how we do it at NCC.

The service started at 10.15am with a couples of church announcements, then praise & worship [4 songs, including 1st song: Hillsong -  cannot recall the song title anymore...  :(; Pastor Darlene Zchech - Best For Me; True Worshippers- Karana SalibMu; Hillsong - This I Believe (the Creed)], the sharing of testimonies, the pastor will invite the church members to share their testimony on stage, about 5 testimonies was shared on that morning. Then they split to the individual ministry- Chinese & Children. Sermon, and it was Pastor Peter Sze preaching on that day, the story of David and Mephiboseth. Then altar call, the whole church will pray for the salvation prayer, and dismiss. 

Mephibosheth vs Us
The church has a mini restaurant for lunch after the service, where the foods are cooked and blessed by the church members. Yong and I were invited by Brother Zhon to the eating place for a meal and we had a talk and understand the church a little better. Indeed, the church was impacted by Ps Prince message on garce, and sense a calling from God to start his own ministry and church. Later on, Pastor Peter came to us and talking with us. He is a humble, friendly and young at heart. We talked for awhile and took some pictures as well.

Pastor Peter Sze with Evelyn Zoé
I thank God for the opportunity to be able to visit to tNCC. It's like going back to NCC when I stepped in and the members are very polite, friendly and humble, it gives me a homely feeling. And I will definitely visit this church again when I am in KL.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Songs: Winter Snow by Chris Tomlin (feat. Audrey Assad)

I am currently in love with this song, Winter Snow, from Chris Tomlin's Christmas Album - Glory In The Highest.

Could've come like a mighty storm
With all the strength of a hurricane
You could've come like a forest fire
With the power of Heaven in Your flame

But You came like a winter snow
Quiet and soft and slow
Falling from the sky in the night
To the earth below

You could've swept in like a tidal wave
Or an ocean to ravish our hearts
You could have come through like a roaring flood
To wipe away the things we've scarred

But You came like a winter snow, yes, You did
You were quiet, You were soft and slow
Falling from the sky in the night
To the earth below

Ooh no, Your voice wasn't in a bush burning
No, Your voice wasn't in a rushing wind
It was still, it was small, it was hidden

Oh, You came like a winter snow
Quiet and soft and slow
Falling from the sky in the night
To the earth below

Falling, oh yeah, to the earth below
You came falling from the sky in the night
To the earth below

FMF: Care

So, this will be my first post for Five Minutes Friday, and I hope I can do this consistently, which means I will do it on every Friday.

So, the topic for my first post is about CARE. 

1 Peter 5:7 says to cast all my cares unto the Lord for He cares.
Casting the whole of your care [all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully.
1 Peter 5:7, AMP 
So, that's it, I am casting all my cares unto Him who cares and loves me.

1) My bp readings
2) Dad's health
3) Family financial provision
4) My career and future
5) My life partner

Thank you Jesus!

1 Peter 5:7

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Elf's: iSteak

Had a quick dinner with JR on this Thursday night after my trip to MBS buying the pillow mist for dad from Bath & Body Works.

He suggested iSteak, a grillhouse located in a hawker centre at Holland V, that cooked nice steak (at least for him) and also one of the eatery that we promised to revisit and try again.

So, we met up at about 7.30pm at TB station, and headed to HV together. 

JR suggested that we ordered a big portoin 250g rib eye steak to share and I agreed with his suggestion.

We have waited for about 30 minutes for our order - medium raw rib eye steak with mushroom sauce and we order french fried (his choice) and greens salad (my choice) as our sides. 

The steak was cooked just nice. It was grilled perfectly outside and inside, it's tender and juicy. It's my first time eating such a big or rather thick steak. And JR only shared a bit as he needed to go back home for dinner. I was surprised to know that he needs to return home for dinner as he was the one who initiated the quick dinner meet up.

iSteak - 250g ribeye steak

Well, overall, it's another good catch-up we had. We talked a lot, politics issue from the protests in Hong Kong to the 3000 pairs shoes of Imelda, the ex president's wife from the Philippines, and we talked about my sisters and future. 

I am touched to know that he prayed for me to be more independent and stronger in handling all things in my life, and ha has been praying for me in this area, so, I guess the power of prayer is truly powerful, coz I know that I have transformed actually.

Thank You Jesus for friends who care and pray for me! 

Where no wise guidance is, the people fall, but in the multitude of counselors there is safety. - Proverbs 11:14, AMP

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Elf's: Undeserved, Unearned, Unmerited Favour ~ GRACE!

It was supposed to be a super awesome and blessed Sunday full of pre-arranged programs.

I was supposed to wake up at 3.45am in order to be able to report for choir service on time, which is 7.00am at The Star, but I ended up woke up at 6.25am, which is about 3 hours of overslept. Don't ask me how can this happened, as until now, I am still yet to figure it out. They said it's God's will for me to rest and sleep longer. Well, I do not wanna blame it on God's will, but, I guess I should not blame nor condemn myself neither. 

We got corrected by our choir director on Tuesday before the choir practice started. She was very disappointed by the punctuality of our team, be it during practice, or on Sunday service itself. Although I am usually there early or on time, I do not take her corrections for granted, coz I think choir is not about individual, but teamwork. So, on Saturday night, I rejected all the invitations for games and dinner from Team 15, and just stayed home to practice the 2 new songs and one special feature item for choir, and got on bed pretty early and sleep with playing Pastor's song in my background. However, it's never my plan to wake up so much later than what I have already planned. 

I was so panic and really didn't know what I should do, and I text-ed my leader to ask for her opinion and also report to her about my situation here. Thank God for understanding and gracious leader, and she did not condemn me and gave me the green light to come to serve at 2nd service instead. So, I started to prepare myself - wash myself, anoint myself and put on my choir garments and makeup and off I go. 

While I was preparing myself, sis send me a text via WeChat and told me that dad is having a headache. I was worried, but she did not update me much until later of the day, she told me that this is unusual for dad, and so, I have advised her to observe dad's condition and see if there is a need to send to private hospital.

So, I bumped into Jessie and Paul when I arrived at Star as they just ended their first service, and I could not control myself but cried in front of Jessie, they thought I was condemned because of I was late for first service. Well, I do feel guilty for that, but what really got me was my dad's condition, and I felt so loved that Daddy God sent Jessie to me while I needed someone to really express my thoughts and feelings.

Second service was awesome, I was able to sing without looking at the screen for lyrics most of the time, coz I really did memorize the lyrics on Saturday. Grace Upon Grace made my tears flowed non-stop and when my tears started to flow, the camera was penning on my side... I hope it was not penning on me at all. You Are My All In All is the special feature for choir, and we did it so well, received many compliments from the leaders, praise Jesus, and Alex is a very good conductor! Kudos!

photo session with Ada and Priss

Our most beloved, blessed and anointed Senior Pastor - Pastor Joseph Prince
Ada and I went for a brunch at sixty40 at Rochester Mall, and it was a super long brunch, and we talked about many things and get to know each other better, in may ways. And we managed to attend 3rd service together with Nell, Jann Jann and her boy.friend - Nicholas Jin HaoLian.

Lunch @ sixty40

God is awesomely good! We had Dr Marilyn Hickey as our guest speaker at church. Dr Hickey is a 83 year-old healing evangelist and she is a great preacher as well. She has encouraged us to send a word of healing to someone that we know that needed healing. So, I tried my very best, using my lightning flash mind to translate my prayer, or rather, word of healing from English into Chinese and sent to my dad by sms. I don't know about my dad, but as for me, I am well and very much confident about God's healing for my dad. He is working in me and my family. Salvation is so near for them! Hallelujah! 

After the service, we went for late lunch at Yayoiken, and met up with Ada and Crystal at Cedele for a short catch-up before heading to Changi Airport for the planned-surprise-advance birthday celebration for Cam Cam. It was a night full of foods & laughter. We stayed at T3 until 12 plus in the morning, which is midnight, then Jann Jann  has volunteered to send me & Qwen back as we are living in the west.

The anointed artists with OverTheMoon cake decorations.
On our way back, we had a very quality talk with each other, and I believed each one of us had learnt something for the topic we were on. Praise Jesus for kingdom friends like them! I am truly blessed to have so many sincere and truthful family and friends from the body of Christ thru NCC.

Ended up, I reached home at 3am, and when I think back, the whole Sunday, was initially planned with so many different arrangement, but it was stirred up by God and made an much more awesome and blessed agendas for me, at least. All glory and praises to my Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, alone. Hallelujah! 

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Songs: Grace Upon Grace

Another new worship song from our worship leader - Sean Goh, this must be inspired by pastor's sermon on the waves upon waves of God's grace in October 2013. Such anointed and blessed man of God in the house, and being in the worship ministry, and considered the first batch to learn and sing the new songs for the Lord, I am truly humbled and grateful. Thank You Lord!

Grace Upon Grace
Copyright 2014 New Creation Church Singapore

Verse 1:
Lord, You reached out through time and space
You took on my sin and pain
Enduring grace collided with my shame
And made me whole again

You were relentlessly pursuing me
Now all of my heart's surrendered to 

Your grace, Your grace upon grace
Here I am, with all my fears washed away
By Your love like mighty ocean wave
Endless and free
Lord I receive

Your grace, grace upon grace
Here I stand, with my hands lifted high
Cos' You gave Your love Your life for mine
Lord I receive
Lord I receive 
Your grace

Verse 2:
Every care and fear abandoned
When I look upon Your face
Unending grace supplying every need
I see how once again

You were relentlessly pursuing me
Now all of my heart's surrendered to

Your grace, Your grace upon grace
Here I am, with all my fears washed away
By Your love like mighty ocean waves
Endless and free
Lord I receive

Your grace, grace upon grace
Here I stand, with my hands lifted high
Cos' Your gave Your love Your life for mine
Lord I receive
Lord I receive

Lord, You have changed me from glory to glory
Crowned me with favor and mercy
Now all that's within me will cry out in worship
I stand forever amazed

Beautiful song, isn't it? All we need to do is to RECEIVE! His grace is pouring on us like the ocean waves, it will never end, it will never stop. How great is our God! 

enjoying His grace upon grace in 2010, Redang Island

For out of His fullness (abundance) we have all received [all had a share and we were all supplied with] one grace after another and spiritual blessing upon spiritual blessing and even favor upon favor and gift [heaped] upon gift. (John 1:16, AMP)

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Movies: Café. Waiting. Love

Watched it last night, finally!

Thanks to Cindy whom accompanied me for this movie, we both had a super duper good laugh during the movie.

Well, I felt that it's like 90% different from the book, but they are equally good. I was like watching a movie with a new story.

It was good. The main actors are fresh and acted well, the highlight is truly the Hong Kong famous artist - Ms Vivian Chow 周慧敏, she is as beautiful as 10, 15 or 20 years ago, so divinely beautiful.

I was having high expectation on Vivian Chow's character as the 老闆娘, however, the movie version has almost changed the whole story about her. A little bit of disappointed, but the movie version has set her late-boyfriend as her guardian angel before she could let go of their past, it is a plus point for the story, very touching, I must say... (Cindy has shed her tears for towards the end of the movie)

The movie is much more crazier than the book. But, seriously, equally good, you will definitely get a good laugh in the cinema, because the audience on that night did, and it was almost full house, on a Monday evening, and most of them are guys, that surprised me. 

As a conclusion, Monday evening could not be better to spend with a good sister in-Christ, having a quick but yummy dinner, a crazy yet sentimental (in a way) movie and DESSERTS! 

Thank You Lord for the blessings around! I am truly greatly blessed!

For The First Time

P/S: Cindy is actually born in Taiwan. So, dating a girl from Taiwan to watch her country's production, is a good combination too, I guess! ;)