He has made everything beautiful in it's time.

He has made everything beautiful in it's time.
Ecclesiates 3:11

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Elf's: Old flame....

RT and I have been exchanging text since I got back from my previous SG trip...

He would text me everyday, not almost everyday, but everyday without fail. Sometimes a greeting in the morning, then after 1-2 exchanged text, he will text again during lunch break, we might chat for about an hour if I was not too busy, and then at night, he will text me again, and we will continue text-ing each other until his bedtime...

It helps to dilute my feelings towards JR... It also helps to divert my attention for JR too, that I don't always looking forward for his msg days and nights. 

However, I was also afraid myself to develop the old feeling I had for him again... He has also reminded me to guard my heart. Of course, by writing this out, I am being honest to myself here. I am guarding my heart for sure. 

I have 100% forgiven him for what he did on me years ago. There is no more bitterness between me and him. I am sure he is not holding any bitterness against me, he is too care-free. He is also not the type of guy that will stay for me. But the way he treated me nowadays, do reminded me of the good old days we used to have, a very short of 3 months we had. He is still as sweet and nice. He is a brother to me now. Someone whom I can talk my heart out, and expect for honest advise and comment, not being too harsh, like JR. 

JR has been very harsh to me recently. Maybe he has forgotten that I am a lady, I cannot stand for the way he treated me. I feel like he is trying to make me angry. Well, how could I get angry with him? He has been a very good and nice friend to me, I have learnt a lot from him, and I thank God for a friend like him too.

Anyway, my heart is with God, He shall guard my heart for me, no one can steal it away from Him. It's my blessed assurance. Thank You Abba!  

"Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life." 
-Proverbs 4:23 (NLT)- 

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Elf's: In love...?

He told me he is in love...

I hope he was joking, but he ain't this type of guy who will joke with me with this kind of joke...

How can he?

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Elf's: Realisation...

Am currently busying with the makeover of my room and also a Photobook project as a Mother's Day gift for my beloved mommy...

While browsing the photos we took, some was taken recently, and many were years ago, I realised that I actually missed out many precious moment with my family... especially now, with my dad...

I also realised that I actually don't really understand my family members, their likes and dislikes, their personalities, their characters... It's time to get to know them better and sped more quality times with my loved ones here at home, most of all, take more pictures... I am glad I took some of the pictures especially pictures with my dad despite of many were always there to tease me when I insisted to take the picture.

Lord, as You said that this is the year of Your restoration, I said AMEN! I am definitely looking forward for all Your promises to me to come to pass... With men, many are impossible, but with God, ALL things are possible!

Thank You Lord for hearing our prayers for Jamie's dad, and congratulations Lord that You have one more saved soul entering to Your kingdom...Hallelujah!

Today, nccsg had launched the latest, long awaited church worship album, it's called "Anthem of Grace". Such a nice name for the album, and it's really the best title to suit this album, in line with our church's direction.. Praise Jesus for making it a successful launching for the church! And blessed the person from 15 @ Star who blessed the team with the CD as well, not sure if I am eligible, so, I have got CN to help me to get a copy of it.

To God be the glory & all the praises! Hallelujah!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Songs: 上帝早已預備 (Touch Mi Live Version) [Official] [官方]



作曲:陸偉峰/Phat@24 Herbs

但你卻說要我知道 是永生的道路

別為因此而煩惱 在絕望裡投訴

上帝早已預備 我不相信運氣
即使風光明媚 但卻不是你預期
上帝早已預備 至少我不被遺棄

別為因此而煩惱 在絕望裡投訴

上帝早已預備 我不相信運氣
即使風光明媚 但卻不是你預期
上帝早已預備 至少我不被遺棄

感謝你 你會為我打氣
感謝你 從谷底將我救起
感謝你 縱使失去我的真理

上帝早已預備 我不相信運氣
即使風光明媚 但卻不是你預期
上帝早已預備 只少我不被遺棄

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Songs: Burt Bacharach Movie Medley October 2008

Oh my! Burt Freeman Bacharach ROCKZ!!! 

Love this medley, especially when Burt personally sang one of my favourite song - Alfie, it was very touching, and kinda romantic, to listen to the original song writer cum composer of the song, singing his own masterpiece, live! How I wish I have a chance to sit in the live performance by Burt. Please, come to Asia! Or, be at London when I am there... next year? God's willing!

A House Is Not A Home was done greatly in this show too, with Burt started off the singing, then followed by him conducting the orchestral band, and the backup vocals continue the song... it was beautifully done... give me a total of goosebumps! 

Wives and lovers... a good lesson for the wives actually, I love the lyrics, even as you are the wife now, be a lover as well... So, your man won't be looking for a lover elsewhere. Words of wisdom! And Burt is a Jews. Wow! God's chosen one! How blessed! I hope he is saved and know Jesus by now. :)

Wives and Lovers

Hey, little girl,
Comb your hair, fix your make-up.
Soon he will open the door.
Don't think because
There's a ring on your finger,
You needn't try any more

For wives should always be lovers, too.
Run to his arms the moment he comes home to you.
I'm warning you.

Day after day,
There are girls at the office,
And men will always be men.
Don't send him off
With your hair still in curlers.
You may not see him again.

For wives should always be lovers, too.
Run to his arms the moment he comes home to you.
He's almost here.

Hey, little girl
Better wear something pretty,
Something you'd wear to go to the city.
And dim all the lights,
Pour the wine, start the music.
Time to get ready for love.

Dim all the lights,
Pour the wine, start the music.
Time to get ready for love.
Time to get ready, time to get ready for love.
Time to get ready, time to get ready for love.


What's it all about, Alfie?
Is it just for the moment we live?
What's it all about when you sort it out, Alfie?
Are we meant to take more than we give
Or are we meant to be kind?
And if only fools are kind, Alfie,
Then I guess it is wise to be cruel.
And if life belongs only to the strong, Alfie,
What will you lend on an old golden rule?
As sure as I believe there's a heaven above, Alfie,
I know there's something much more,
Something even non-believers can believe in.
I believe in love, Alfie.
Without true love we just exist, Alfie.
Until you find the love you've missed you're nothing, Alfie.
When you walk let your heart lead the way
And you'll find love any day, Alfie, Alfie.

A House Is Not A Home

A chair is still a chair
Even when there's no one sitting there
But a chair is not a house
And a house is not a home
When there's no one there to hold you tight,
And no one there you can kiss good night.

A room is still a room
Even when there's nothing there but gloom;
But a room is not a house,
And a house is not a home
When the two of us are far apart
And one of us has a broken heart.

Now and then I call your name
And suddenly your face appears
But it's just a crazy game
When it ends it ends in tears.

Darling, have a heart,
Don't let one mistake keep us apart.
I'm not meant to live alone. turn this house into a home.
When I climb the stair and turn the key,
Oh, please be there still in love with me.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Songs: 高山低谷

终于听了这首在不少的社交媒体平台上被分享了多次的歌曲,据说,Sammi 不是原唱,但是,听了她的版本,我觉得没有人可以把这首歌给唱得更好了,就像她曾经唱过的不要惊动爱情,红绿灯,给自己的信等等。不要惊动爱情,其实原唱和 Sammi 的版本是各有千秋。高山低谷,我暂时不想比较,所以,林奕匡,抱歉啦,下次再听你的原唱版本吧!有请 Sammi 郑秀文, 高山低谷!



站在樹林內 就如沒氧氣
在夕陽下 寂寥吧 沒權利見你 
早知高的山低的谷將你我分隔兩地 失去人情味 
你那貴族遊戲 我的街角遊記 
天真到信真心 太兒戲 

你快樂過生活 我拼命去生存
渴望被成全 努力做人誰怕氣喘 
但那終點 掛在那天邊 

你界定了生活 我侮辱了生存 
渴望大團圓 腳下路程難以削短 
未見終點 也未見恩典 我與你極遠 

愈望愈無望 未來沒有我
在斷崖下 盡頭吧 樂園未有過 
彷彿天一黑天一光揮發了一句再會 只見人下墮 
快慰繼續傳播 你都不慰問我 
區分到太清楚 太嚴苛 

你快樂過生活 我拼命去生存
渴望被成全 努力做人誰怕氣喘 
但那終點 掛在那天邊 

你界定了生活 我侮辱了生存 
渴望大團圓 腳下路程難以削短 
未見終點 也未見恩典 我與你極遠 

我卻尚要生存 偷偷存活於山之谷等到某天魂斷
你繼續盤旋 我繼續埋藏我愛戀 
沒有終點 永沒有終點 那永遠極遠 

特别对这几句歌词有感觉:你繼續盤旋 我繼續埋藏我愛戀 沒有終點 永沒有終點 那永遠極遠

Quiz: Welcome to Earth Day 2015 - Which animal are you?

Haha! And I am a gigantic squid!

Read more about this species on wikepedia and found it extremely ugly.... oh dear.. and I am one of them?

No way! I am the beloved child of the Most High! His beloved princess on earth, definitely not a squid...

Monday, 20 April 2015

Songs: 對不起,我愛你

梁靜茹這首「對不起,我愛你」, 唱得比較貼切,歌詞也比較合邏輯。


沒別的 只想說對不起 
對不起 我真的愛你
不管你會怎麼想 你怎麼說 

你知道 有時候感情事很難說 
很難說 愛人或朋友
一想你 我的心就發燒

想給你聽我的心跳 想你知道我睡的不好
喝水想著你 搭車想著你 闔眼閉眼間 出現的全是你
我猜不到你的表情 我等不到你的回應
不想難為你 又不想放棄你 決定告訴你
對不起 對不起 我愛你

沒別的 只想說對不起 
怎麼樣 我都會珍惜
你怎麼做 也不會影響我的心情

你知道 有時候男孩更難捉摸 
難捉摸 愛人或朋友
一想你 我的心就狂跳

我的模樣記不記得牢 情人卡有沒有收到
讀書想著你 聽歌想著你 大地和藍天 出現的全是你
我才不管你的表情 我才不理你回不回應
不想難為你 又不想放棄你 決定告訴你
對不起 對不起 我愛你

你聽一聽我的心跳 你看一看我睡的不好
喝水想著你 搭車想見你 闔眼閉眼間 出現的全是你
我猜不著你的表情 我等不到你的回應
不想難為你 又不想放棄你 決定告訴你
對不起 對不起 我愛你

Elf's: Feeling...

Was searching for some conversations I had with JR for the past year using an online chat... While reading on our past conversations, many memories flashed back, and the feeling I have for him is once again being stirred up...

I have tried my best to keep all our conversation records, as memories of our friendship. I know, it cannot last forever. But, I really have fallen for him, without me realising it, it just happened. 




Sunday, 19 April 2015

Elf's: Life...

Have not pen down what's happening around me for quite some time...

I have been thinking a lot... many thoughts are running on my mind, not just recently, but always...

Maybe I should record down my life after returned to KL for more than a month now.

Trying my very best to adapt the lifestyle my sis and mom are living, it's not as easy. Perhaps, I have been too used to living by myself. Although I was staying with aunt for the past 10 years in SG, but, I was mostly on my own, and I don't need to mingle with them, if I don't want to. But now, with my very closest one, my mom and sis, I simply can't live like that anymore, they won't let me too, if I want... Lol~! Our vacation to Thailand had been fun yet challenging for me... Thank God that all is well!

I have turned down the offer from Sonata, because of some unreasonable terms and conditions stated in their letter offer to me. Since then, I have started to look for other jobs again from Jobstreet. There were 2 agencies and one company HR called me up ONLY. (looks like it's not easy to get a job, and sometimes I wondered if I made the wrong decision to reject the first offer that I got.) Anyway, there were 2 interviews arranged, I only made it for the very first one, with Teledirect, as a CS for SIA KrisFlyer program. Went for the second interview too 3 days after the first interview, went through different tests, such like English grammar test, essay, problem solving, typing speed, listening test, role play... And I finally got the job offer on last Friday, about 3 weeks after the interviews as well as call reference to my ex supervisor. Phew~~! It's something new to me, shift work, big team, big organization, and 2-3 months of training before starting the job. New life, new beginning! Praise Jesus!

I have not attend to any of the local church service thus far... Not sure which one I should go, I miss nccsg! Miss my fellow ministries' servers, miss the venue, miss Pastor Prince... Can I still get a New Creation Church in KL? Guide me, Lord...

So far, been meeting up with CY and SY quite often... met KL, YT & CY for once only. MY was too busy tied up by her balloon business, hence, can't meet up with us for dinner on the other night, but it's okay, we shall meet up again. Other than them, I have not been meeting up with anyone in KL.

I made a trip to SG last week with CY and SY, to take my remaining belongings back to KL, with CY driving. Met up with CN, on Saturday night for dinner, then JD & PS on Sunday morning to attend church service together, most of the WWJD team for lunch, AT, NL, QH, JL & JO for coffee at Jamaica Blue, and last but not least, dinner with RT at Brotziet. It was a fruitful trip for me, to be able to attend church at nccsg again, and to meet up so many of friends that are close to me. Thank You Jesus, for delighting me with the desire of my heart.

Was not able to meet up JR, as he was busy with work, that's the only regret for that trip.

Overall, it's just the beginning of my stay in KL, I should not be making any conclusions yet. And I believe I should do my best, live my best, enjoy my moment here with my beloved family members, and God will continue to direct my step to the life He has prepared for me. Amen!

Friday, 17 April 2015

Songs: Forgiven Much

This is yet another of my favourite worship song from my church... Enjoy and be blessed! We are indeed forgiven much because of our Lord, Jesus Christ...

Forgiven Much
Copyright 2011 New Creation Church Singapore

Jesus, You are my King, You're my King
Lamb of God, You're my sin offering
There is none who would die for my gain
You alone made this selfless exchange

I declare You're my God, You're my God
You've removed all my fears, all my doubts
At the cross, there Your will is revealed
Every sickness and pain You have healed

Lord I call on Your name, on Your name
You've removed all my sins, all my shame
By Your grace, in Your arms I am found
Dearly loved and with goodness I'm crowned

For Your love will never fail
Your love will never fail

Now and evermore I say, You are my righteousness
My life is in Your hands, in Your hands
Now and evermore I say, I am forgiven much
Your mercy knows no end, knows no end (it knows no end)

Elf's: Competition

Just entered the photography competition at The Fifth Annual Exposure Photography Award.

Honestly, it was for fun I entered and also because I am not working, and have nothing better to do, but to check on all the photos I took in the past few years.

Please vote for me at this link Layfun Chong | Exposure 2015!

Thank you!
Salamat po!
Terima kasih!

Pic was taken by Melissa Charn, at Singapore Botanical Garden

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Songs: Finished

Blessed Resurrection Sunday!

I did not get to attend any church service today, for the first time, since 2010...

I miss serving with the worship team, have been involved with Resurrection Sunday service for the past 2 years with ncc choir, it was really an unforgettable memories, with the team members and leaders of different ministries. From own practice, choir practice, rehearsal with the worship team, until Sunday services.

This year, ncc is giving out a song to be downloaded online, as a sneak preview of the upcoming worship album that will be launched on 26 April 2015. The song title is Finished, written by the youth of the church.

Copyright 2014 New Creation Church Singapore

Surely as the dawn awakes
Your love for me will never fade
Relentless love pursued my soul
Till condemnation lost its hold

You took my sin
The just for the unjust
You made me Yours
Through Your redeeming blood

No other works can qualify
You paid in full salvation's price
I'm given life by nail-scarred hands
To worship You with all I am

You took my sin
The just for the unjust
You made me Yours
Through Your redeeming blood

Conquered death
Reversing every curse
You broke the chains
You tore the veil

Glorious King
The name above all names
You paid in full
You rose to reign

Everything gained I count loss
In the light of the cross
Every demand made You paid
With the stripes that You bore
You are all I need
You are all I need