He has made everything beautiful in it's time.

He has made everything beautiful in it's time.
Ecclesiates 3:11

Friday, 12 June 2015

TDM: Day 14

Friday!!!! Finally!!! 

Many of us has fall sick... and as for me I felt extremely tired everyday after training... 

We learnt about the Book The Cook for SQ flight, and all were hungry after reading the menu one by one... and so we decided to go for a good lunch since we had two hours lunch break on Friday...

However, we made the wrong the decision and ordered some really bad foods as our lunch... 

The most popular menu of Book The Cook - Boston Lobster Thermidor

Thursday, 11 June 2015

TDM: Day 13

Today, started on the training on level 2, with a new observant trainer from Sg - Mr Alvin.

We have been 'warned' to be more discipline and behave as this trainer is not as flexible as Janet. So, to prevent bad or negative feedback, we have been reminded to behave ourselves more than once.

He is a middle-aged man, typical Singaporean, that's my first impression about him. Roger.

Level 2, we started with 3 note books + work books. Stress level up~~~!!!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

TDM: Day 12

Today, we finally experience the environment at the real call floor. Boon arranged for us to enter into the call floor batch by batch for 15 minutes to see what's happening there in the call floor, and listen to senior in handling their incoming calls.

I was seated with Aliah, and she got a call pertaining to change of redemption flight, and due to no seats are available on her prefer cabin class and date, she then requested to cancel the flight. I was not able to sit until the call was ended and wrapped up. But I see how she work on the systems, it's looked so complicated as we were only being taught on one system thus far.

I am eager to learn the other systems and hopefully I will be able to learn it quick with full understand on the products, the procedures, the process, the terms and conditions, Thank You Daddy God for the favour and wisdom! Amen!

Monday, 8 June 2015

Movie: Love Endures 爱存在

My second premiere screening since the ice kacang movie few years ago.

It is my first movie premiere in KL, first visit at GSC @ Nu Sentral, first movie with my dear Kai Li and her family, first time meeting a friend from ChongQing - 竹子小姐, first time meeting the first female actor of the movie, first time watching Christian movie in the cinema at Malaysia.

Love Endures, 爱存在 is a very touching story, it's about the love of a father, and even he is not the biological father, his love for the daughter is unconditional and it costs his life in the end.

廖啟智 has done a very good job as a 弱智爸爸, he made the role comes alive. All other actors from Malaysia or if any other countries, kudos! You all have "earned" many tears from the all the ppl in the house, especially mine.

I was reminded of my late father, whom I love and whom loves me very much, whom has went home with the Lord about 6 months now. I miss him, very much! And of cause, I feel the love of our Heavenly Daddy throughout the movie. Thank You Daddy God!

TDM: Day 11

Started our 3rd week of training.

First of all, congratulations to me and Tracy, for being the only two persons who scored 100% full mark on our second assessment. Kudos! Well done! 

Obviously, I am very happy! I thank Jesus for the favour and the wisdom He has given me. Thanks Janet and Hani for the revision and teachings for the past 2 weeks. 

I hope to do better for the future assessment and will be promoted as the TL in no time. 

A few of the team mates was caught using mobile phone at the call floor, browsing on others website like Google and Lelong.com other than SAA, and even charged their phone using the usb port of the PC. The IT team has sent an email to the operation manager on this issue and Hani was very angry with this bunch of students. 

We do not know who are they, and I seriously don't really care who are they. However, Adel was deeply affected as Hani mentioned that she will shuffle all the seats. I don't really mind, it's good to meet or mingle with other team mates as well. So, let's see how it goes tomorrow. 

Till then, I am going to celebrate my 100% result by attending a movie premiere screening, invited by my bff - Kai Li. 

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Elf's: Tiredness & Exhausted

I woke up super late these last 2 days, 10am... and I felt very tired still, especially on Saturday, my level of productivity is zero 0.

Then I remember I was not like this back in my time in Sg. I worked for 5.5 days, everyday woke up at around 6am, reached home mostly after 8pm, or sometimes after 11am if there is a ministries activities (choir practice, ministries gathering) or other activities with colleagues or friends. Then on Sunday, I can still wake up at 3.30am to prepare myself to serve for morning choir, and after usher, and will end the day by reaching home at around 10pm, and start the weekly routine again. Those were my days. I was so active, busy and energetic!

And now, after rested for about 3 months, I became so used to the laid back lifestyle... I was physically and mentally exhausted by the long hours of training at the office. Too many product knowledge to absorb, new colleagues to mingle with, and most of them are having very different mindset and even level of moral compared to me. I feel tired to start everything afresh.

Daddy God, I ask, for new dose of strength and energy to impart in me, to start afresh my new life here with my new career, new colleagues, new friends and most of all, my beloved family members. Honestly, Lord, You know that I really felt very stressful with my family now, I am still learning on how to live with them in a harmony and happy way. I can't stand the way my sis talked to me, like she is the king of the house, always giving instructions and showing her temper whenever she hears thing that is not pleasing to her or even like to tease/ insult/ make fun of  my belief in Jesus, and mom, for being over sensitive in many areas. Help me, Lord! Help me!

Friday, 5 June 2015

TDM: Day 10

Done for our 2nd assessment on MARMS, system exam.. I think I did it pretty well, should be able to score 90% and above if not 100%! Sounds boastful? Nah... I am just being confident.

Thanks to my Lord Jesus for the wisdom and favour and strength in learning during the training, and thanks to the 2 beautiful trainer, Ms Hani (TDM) & Ms Janet (TDS) for giving us a very detailed training and being so patient towards all of us in the class...

We had a mini celebration at over lunch at Coffee Planet @ Nu Sentral for being able to overcome the level 1 stage, we learnt better not just the products, but each other.

Thank You Lord! :)

Thursday, 4 June 2015

TDM: Day 9

We finally had the first official assessment done today. Praise God! I scored 90/100, which means I pass the assessment. However, tomorrow, will be another challenge, subjective questions for MARMS... it's not that difficult, but not as easy as well.

While learning all this topic, directly and indirectly related with some aviation knowledge, I was reminded of JR, sometimes. He happened to forget about my birthday this year... Not disappointed? Nah~ Just don't want to take it too serious with him anymore.

Back to school, Hani has reminded us that the next observed trainer from SG - Mr Alvin is very particular about punctuality. So, we are required to be punctual.

Thank You Lord for being my wisdom and my peace.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

TDM: Day 8

Today, we learnt something very sad, at least to me, and I believe all of us will wish that we will never get to use what we learnt in this topic - CRISIS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CMS). Once again, we were reminded of the tragic MH17 as well as MH370, MI185, SQ006, QZ8501 and the GermanWings9525 incidents.

I teared many times in between especially when I think of the victims of MH17, which was really a sad incidents, and I remember I was still in SG and we got this news, the whole department was so quiet and the spirit of the department was so down. It was a year cover in darkness for the aviation industry, especially for Malaysia Airlines.

However, I also learnt about the Hudson River case, where a plane landed on the Hudson River after being attacked by the geese flying on the sky and 2 engines were out of function. No casualty from this incident, ans the rescue job done very timely, this must be God!

Anyway, besides learning about the system used during crisis, we also learnt the new system - CEM, which literally stands for Creating Extraordinary Moments! I love this slogan very much! We were being assessed for this topic instead of KF program. Anyway, the assessment for today has been postponed to tomorrow after lunch, and our kind trainer will be doing a revision for us in the morning before the assessment, praise God for such trainer/ teacher! 

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Elf's: My150602

My 34th birthday... Bengie said I look like 27th, I can only praise God for renewing my youth and to be ageless and never grow old, but grow wiser and stronger in Him! Amen!

Received many wishes from FB, WA, SMS, from so many closed and not so-closed friends as well.

A birthday song was sang in the office before we started our training, it was so nice, I thought I won't be enjoying it, but in the end, I like it. Thank You Jesus!

Fatin gave me 2 nutella as my birthday gift, so sweet and nice of her, Adel gave me a pandan cake, coz she never prepare any gift for me, actually, I don't really need any birthday present, I literally have everything that I need, the thought is more than enough, really.

At night, mom cooked spaghetti, Sannie called Domino's pizza and PuiYee bought me a birthday cake for a small celebration at home, with only family member, my bff, called and wanted to bring me out for a piece of cake as a form of celebration, but I rejected as I need to study for tomorrow assessment. Then, I thought of inviting her to my place for the small celebration together, since she is closed to my family too.

It was a very warmth night, celebrating my 34th birthday, with mom, sis, cousin, ZJ & bff - Kaili! Thanks for all the effort you all made for me, I appreciate all of them and love all of you very much!

Thank You Jesus, for family and friends! Hallelujah!

TDM: Day 7

It's the perfect 7th day of our training... technically, all are overwhelmed by the detailed of the info... this including our trainer as well. And our trainer is such a lovely lady, she gave us extra breaks in between, knowing that all of us are truly exhausted by all the miles and redemption, award.. and etc...

One of our team member opted out from the program today, and we were told that he felt that this is not suitable for him, so, he chose to discontinue. Well, we can only wish him all the best for his future, but he has definitely set a bad example or at least, left a negative effect to all the team members, that some or all might think that it's okay to give up, without even really hands on the job. What Hani said is right, at least give ourselves 2-3 months to see after we are on the call floor, not just give up half way during the training. Well, just my personal opinion, of coz.

The team was requested by Hani to sing me a birthday song at the beginning of the day. It was quite sweet, and warm. It must be You, right? :)

We ended the day with a 'heavy' heart, knowing that we will be having our first assessment on tomorrow as well as on Thursday, and the passing % is 80%!!! I shall pass the assessment with flying colours because Jesus is with me, He is my supply, one and only shepherd! Hallelujah!

Monday, 1 June 2015

Elf's: Birthday eve...

Honestly, I don't feel like celebrating my birthday this year, not really in the celebrating mood, mostly because of dad...

I am still feeling sad on losing my dad, but every time when I am down, the Holy Spirit reminded me that dad is at a better place now, he is with Jesus now in heaven, no other place is better than where he is now.

Thank You Lord, for loving me so much, as well as my family members.

I shall, be looking forward for the celebration tomorrow at home... as well as the gathering on coming Friday with my beloved jimuis...

TDM: Day 6

It's Monday! First day of June, first working day of the week...

Today we finally wrapped up the module one, and also it's so close to Wednesday & Thursday for the assessments...

Actually, I am not anxious for the assessment, this is definitely unusual for the people of the world, but, I am in the world but not of the world. As Jesus is, so am I in this world. Jesus is the Prince of peace, and He never feel anxious, so am I.

Today, I was locked by my locker. It happened to me once when I was serving in church. I miss ncc, so much!

Looking forward to a better tomorrow!