He has made everything beautiful in it's time.

He has made everything beautiful in it's time.
Ecclesiates 3:11

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Elf's: He made all things NEW

Today, marked the end of my 2 days orientation for my new job with M1.

Praise the Lord for He is good! Indeed, I have always know that the Lord has something great for prepare for me. Even if I have to went through some disappointments for some failed interviews with other employers like NTUC Income and Parkway. Deep in my heart, I truly knew that He will never leave me nor forsake me. And the blessings will come at the right timing only. 

And it came just before last year Christmas, I received the call from M1 for and did a phone interview, then was requested by the person in charged - Ms Tina to go to SG for another interview face-to-face. And within three weeks, I have got this job that is so full of blessings and convenient for me. 

First of all, the pay is higher than my previous job in SG, with much more benefits added in the package. Secondly, the location is so near for me to travel and there is company transport provided too for the employees of M1. Thirdly, so far all the people I met are really helpful, friendly and easy to approach. And they always wear a smile on their face. It makes me feel happy to start my career with them. 

Tomorrow, we will kick start our job training and Lord, I commit my brain and heart to you. I pray that Your wisdom and favour will cover me all the time and I shall have a teachable and hearing heart. I pray for Your favour and protection to surround me like a shield from the top of my head to the sore of my feet. Amen!

No words can describe how grateful I am for all the things you have for me, Lord. Thank You. 

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Elf's: Stray Dogs

Went to aunt's place for dinner today and walked alone on a silent lane all by myself. And suddenly, there were 3 stray dogs appear in front of me and I was shocked. They seems to feel that I am afraid of them and tried to get closer to me and looked like wanna attack me at any time. I tried to be brave, and shooed them away by using my sling bag coz I forgot my umbrella. But they don't seem to bother me and kept walking towards me. I shouted and trying to look for help from people around but there was no body there for me. A motorcyclist passed by and I shouted "Help me!" But he just laughed at me and go away. I continued my 'battle' with the three stray dogs by walking backward (so that I can faced them as I was afraid to get bitten). After about 100m of walking backward, these three stray dogs saw a plastic bag on the road. Praise God! They rushed towards it and left me alone. I immediately thank God for protecting me from this unforeseen accident. 

And then, I remember dad. He was my super hero all the time. I never get to walk that lane alone for a very long time coz he always accompanied me and walked with me whenever I came back from SG and need to walk to any places. Usually, we will visit grandma and other uncles and aunts whom stay at PPR Kepong together. But today, I was there, walking alone. I miss you, 爸爸.