He has made everything beautiful in it's time.

He has made everything beautiful in it's time.
Ecclesiates 3:11

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Elf's: Attending NCC with sissie for the first time

Yes! It's an answered prayer! Thank You Lord!

Finally, sissie has opened her heart to attend NCC with me today! No words can describe my feeling, but I am so thankful for today! Towards the end of today's service, I leaned over and rest my head on her shoulder and hugged her from the side and my tears just couldn't stop... Like a dream comes true... Thank You Jesus!

And sissie has returned to Singapore since end of June.

We attended 4th service with Juan How, after we both ended work at 3pm, or rather, after he waited for me until 3pm, then we both went to Buona Vista to wait for sissie...

Had some light bites from Kitchen by Kuofu before the service starts at 5.30pm, and took some pictures as that's what sissie likes to do.

Sissie and I

and Mr Juan

And.. tada!!! We are in church!!! seated at my favourite seats.... have not seen KC for a very long time... just a thought... haha!

Kingdom sisterhood and new brother, amen? 

Today's message was a playback message from Pastors Prince current preaching engagement at Megafest 2017 - Woman Thou Art Loose, one of the best sermons pastor has preached in the recent year, they claimed. I think pastor has many more great sermons, but this one is surely one of the best evangelical message, he preached on John 12, the woman caught in adultery, the first message i heard from him, in 2011. And pastor sang too,  the old hymn -There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood. Just like the first time when I attended New Creation Church. Perhas, God wants to remind me of my first love with Him again. Thank You Lord, I love, because You have first loved me.

Then, we went for dinner, as sissie was here on a mission to find a job, and I don't want her to be pressured with the foods I like to eat, we decided to go eat cheap local food, and as JH said we will be having nasi lemak from QiJi on coming Tuesday, we decided to dine at Encik Tan. It was a wrong choice, the food was awfully awful! I am sorry, but it was really bad. Thank God the companion was good!

us, when Mr Juan was away to take our drinks
the happy faces before tuck in, and Mr Juan did not say grace for us... 
But, God is good as we decided to go for dessert at Cedele! And thanks JH for treating us the super good dessert! 

Red Velvet for 3

The happy faces
And the night ended with so much fun laughter. We had great conversation in learning tagalog from sissie, and we talked about serious topic like borrowing money to a friend, and JH happened to have the same opinion like what pastor shared, that is not to expect to get the money back. 

The Star

As we went to the MRT station to depart our ways, sissie gave JH a hug, which I thank God for such divine arrangement, as he has recently lost his beloved grandma, whom is closed to him, and he told me he cried the night before while watching the last episode of 花甲男孩转大人. I thought of giving him a hug but there was no chance and I was too shy to do that, that reminds me of hugging Frankie on the night he sent me home.. well, I drank too much and had more than enough courage that night.. well, so, I told sissie to give him a hug and thank God she did and I am happy that God used sissie to do this for me. I hope that somehow ease the bitterness and sadness he has right now. 

I lost my maternal grandma in year 2009, and that year, I was being invited to church by Fred C. and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour. I hope, Lord, Your presence gave JH the same peace, and open his eyes, ears and heart to you, in no time. Amen. And I lost my beloved earthly daddy in year 2014 and paternal grandma in 2016, I can relate to his feeling, somehow. A hug is the best medicine to me, I hope it helps him too. 

As Lord, I pray for sissie, Lord, You love her and You will prosper her way in Singapore. Amen!

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