He has made everything beautiful in it's time.

He has made everything beautiful in it's time.
Ecclesiates 3:11

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas: 25 December 2014

It has been very different from last year, or all the other Christmas I'd ever had. 

Merry and not-so-merry Christmas. 

Of coz, I am happy to see literally, the whole world are celebrating my Lord's birthday, His name is being lifted up in every places, for whatever reason or purpose. 

Yet, with dad's condition, I am worried on the other hand. And I received text msg from sis that dad was admitted on Christmas eve... I was totally swept off when I got the news, and it was sent last night, and yet, I did not see it as there were no new msg notification from the app - WeChat it is. 

Then Laney called me and we had a good chat and I understand more about dad's condition. Sannie replied with dad's updates later on via text. The tumour has grown bigger, the findings of the CT scan. Dad is weak, low appetite and always sleepy. 

Lord, I can only cast all my worries, my cares, my concerns about my dad unto You. No one is able to give me a miracle, but You. Thank You Lord, because You are good.

Was at Suntec City, accompanying aunt Kim while the girls + 1 boy was taking pics at the Alive! Museum. Had a good conversation with my aunt. Then I brought YM & YY for a walk at Orchard Road, since its their first time in Singapore and its Christmas day too. 

A bit disappointed by the decorations at Orchard Road this year. But am glad I brought them there to experience their Christmas at Orchard Road, Singapore. 

While we arrived at Orchard Road, I received a text msg from JR. He was asking for help as he was having fever and need to know if any clinic is opened. I tried to call a few A&Es and managed to find a GP clinic nearby his place with an affordable consultation rate. He went there but the queue was too long, so he decided to go Raffles Hospital. 

I called him to check if he is alright. He sounded really bad and made me very worried. I wished to end the Orchard Road journey as soon as possible and rush to be with him. So, finally, I managed to send them both to meet up with the rest at Bayfront MRT station and took the DTL to Bugis to check him out at the emergency dept. 

He told me that he is tattered but I told him that it doesn't matter. When I see him sitting on the sofa at the clinic, I felt relieved and thankful that he is not that bad or sick. Feverish, yes. His voice was not as bad as it was in the phone. We waited for about 10 minutes for his medicines and bills. 

I had been wanted to send him home straight as he needs to rest and get welll soon for his flight tomorrow. But he insisted that we shld grab some food for me or at least a drink. Ended up, we went to Granny's Secret at OG for a bowl of dessert. Its a nice place I must say. 

The not so nice plain water, tap water?

Very healthy dessert we had

We finally walked to the bus stop after the dessert, waited for about 15 minutes for the bus. Then I took NEL back as per his suggestion. 

Lord, I know I have once again step over the borderline of our friendship. But I really was worried about him. And I miss him. I seriously wish to see him on this important date. I wish, our friendship can remain pure, always, til eternity. Amen.

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