He has made everything beautiful in it's time.

He has made everything beautiful in it's time.
Ecclesiates 3:11

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Elf's: Goodbye Mr Lee Kuan Yew (1923 - 2015)

With the Singapore nation sending Mr Lee Kuan Yew for the very last journey on earth, it had marked the end of Mr Lee's legendary. But. we believe that his spirit will never end.

Many has started to look back unto what has Mr Lee done for the country, their clean and well equipped HDB residency, the garden city country, clean environment, ppl with spirit of excellent, and many more that I might not know...

Looking back at how Singapore has grow from a 3rd world country in SEA unto a 1st world well-developed country now, the credits are truly for Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Today, it rains heavily not just in Singapore, but as well as in KL.. It is as is the Heaven is feeling for the people too, that it is a loss for the world. I am extremely sentimental too, because I feel for Mr LHL, he lost his father, and I too lost my father about 3 months ago...

RT has been text-ing me with the video he took "live" from Buona Vista as the cortege will be passing by there today. However, it was raining and he did not stand at the right place, hence, he did not get to see the team. But, I really appreciate his effort in sharing with me the "live" situation there. Thanks kuya!

Mr Lee Kuan Yew, see you in heaven, okay? Many has shared that Mr Lee has accepted Jesus and is saved, and I chose to believe it as well. Perhaps, my dad is assigned as his buddy in heaven now? Hahaha!

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