He has made everything beautiful in it's time.

He has made everything beautiful in it's time.
Ecclesiates 3:11

Monday, 27 July 2015

TDM: End of Training aka EoT

EoT is a term we used in Amadeus, it means end of transaction. So, yes, we have finally ended the training aka honeymoon period with the trainers from TDM, TDS as well as SIA. 

Today, marked the first official day we worked even though still not yet answering phone call, due to workstations are not yet ready. 

It was a bad start. We were introduced to the TL this morning. While we are still considered as new, I tried to ask the new TL if we shld be clocked in to the 0900-1845 program. She, on the other hand, being a super 'nice' leader, asked if we were told that we will be working slightly longer hour on Monday. And I told her yes, guess what's her answer to me? So? 

Yes, she looked at me and said So? Such a 'nice', 'friendly' and 'approachable' person she is, right? I was so angry till I shed my tears in anger, and I speak the F word to release the anger. I know that I shld not be affected by this type of ppl, but to think of working with ppl like this? It's totally pissed me off! I think I miss Elaine Chan now. Grrrrr!!!! 

And later on when the TLs are trying to share the works and also role played with us, they told us that they are nice, friendly and approachable person, they won't 'eat' us when we asked questions. But of coz we shld be asking valid questions. So, my question now is, what is considered as a valid question? Different ppl will have different level of valid question, where is the ruler? 

Honestly, as a newbie, I think all questions are valid questions. As our TL, you been thru the period as a newbie, and our different is you joined earlier that me, that's it. You too, I supposed, were asking invalid question before you are when you are today. If you can't bear with us, then? Then be honest and said you are not approachable. I see no point of saying one thing but showing the other side of you to us. We are adults. Don't try to con us as if we are children. We are not stupid, okay? 

Daddy God, help me. Help me to forgive what she did this morning, learnt from this lesson, work harder and better and prove myself, that as a beloved daughter of my Abba, I can do better and excel further than all of them. I wanna be humble yet capable to show them the unmerited favour that You have for me. Thank You Lord! 

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