He has made everything beautiful in it's time.

He has made everything beautiful in it's time.
Ecclesiates 3:11

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Lifestyle: Domestic Helper

Received a text message from a colleague last night that she needs to take emergency leave due to unforeseen issue happened at her household.

When I asked more, then she shared that it's her domestic helper (DH). She found out that her DH  has been updating on FB without her notice, using unknown devices, and even wore her daughter's tops and her shades to take photos and post.

She was so upset and angry and doesn't wish to keep her anymore, so, she needs to take emergency leave today to settle all the procedures.

This morning, she text-ed me again and asked me to check on the DH's fb again, and look at the photo she took wearing her shades, if it can be told that she is using a tablet, instead her friend's Nokia phone as per her confessions. And after looking into the photos, I concluded that her DH was taking the photo using a tablet instead of a Nokia phone, as the reflection from her shades shown a very big screen, like a tablet or iPad screen.

After for awhile, she asked me if it will be better if she lets her hold a hand-phone, but the phone will be kept by her during office hour, and she will let her DH use the phone at night, and return the phone to my friend by 7.30am the next morning, and Sunday, she can hold it for the whole day, provided she does not compromise her duty. (fyi, she is getting extra pay for working on Sunday). 

I told her yes. If we put ourselves in her shoes, her life as a DH is no different from living in a jail. She is just a very young girl, working in a foreign land, with her lover and family so far away, and she cannot contact them as and when she feels like it. 

And so, they had a talk in the morning, and finally decided to let her stay until the end of her contract, and they will get her a phone today too.

Seriously, I think it is so hard to handle such issue as you can hardly trust someone that you don't really know, her background, her personality, etc.. but as for me, I will trust in my God. He is the protector for my household. Although I feel that I can no longer trust this DH, but I pray that my God will protect my friend's household too. Let it be done, once and for all, no more funny actions from her again in the future, till she fulfills her duty and journey in my friend's house.

Yes, although, I pity her alot. But, the trust is no longer there. If this idea was given before this incident, it can be considered as perfect.

What I wanna say is, please, if you are not your employer's friend on fb, please set your account to private, it is so stupid to set it as public, and let your employer know your fb name, and you have such a glam and unique name that no one can ever mistaken it for another person. And if you are the employer, please consider to check on your DH's fb account more frequently, if the account is set as public. Hahaha! 

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