He has made everything beautiful in it's time.

He has made everything beautiful in it's time.
Ecclesiates 3:11

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Elf's: I am my Beloved's and my Beloved's is mine!

Praise Jesus! 

Today is definitely an emotional roller coaster day. I mean yesterday, 27 Aug 2014.

Received a voice message from Sannie that dad has agreed to go for surgery to remove the growth in his right brain. And he will be admitted straight away for blood test, MRI will be done on Thursday and surgery will be on Friday. 

To be honest, how not to be not worry about him. Being the one who saw him broke down and cry during his last visit in the hospital, I knew that he has so much fear in his heart. And I know that I won't be able to cast out his fear as only Jesus' perfect love can do so. 

So, I texted almost all the closest friends in church for prayer request. I knew that only God can work the miracles in ny life and in dad's life too. I have to ask for help. I need to be humbled and ask for help from all my close friends and leaders. 

My choir leader Crystal, JieYun and Xiwen are very supportive in praying and speak forth the blessing for me, dad and my family. JieYun even met me after the midweek service to pray for me in person. Crystal has got Natalie and Winston to inform pastoral service and Eng Chuan, if I get his name right, from pastoral service called up at 6pm plus and prayed for me over the phone. 

My WWJD family is always awesome anf they have supported me in many ways, by prayer, by being in person with me, by sharing good seats with me. I really treasure and love them a lot. Watched What Jesus Does! 

And my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, He is the most awesome person in my life. 

I had two answered prayer in one evening. One is about job that I applied. I have told God on Tuesday night that if this is His opened door for me, let them call me on Wednesday to fix an appointment for the interview. And they called.

The other one was not even a prayer request. I was just hoping in my heart that Pastor Prince will pray for my dad's healing during the service. And he did! He prayed a very specific prayer for my dad that whoever knew about my dad's case will have no choice but know that that prayer is for my dad, me and my family. Pastor prayed for healing for our loved one back at home! How awesome! 

I was moved to tears when we started to worship with I Sing Praises To Your Name. For the first time, I saw Pastor Prince on his knee, submitting himself in the presence pf our Lord Jesus. I knew that He is there for the church, and then I realised that He is there for me! Tears just flown as it was so touched. And when pastor prayed the prayer for healing for my loved one back at home, straight away I claimed it for my dad, for healing and restoration for my dad! 

Lord Jesus, You are ever so wonderful! I love You because You first loved me! Hallelujah! 

And after the service, I met up with JDFC's member: Justina, Nellwyn, Camila, Jann, Norma. After JieYun prayed for me and dad, we went to Holland Village for a cuppa. And the night was so wonderful because I spent time with God's Beloveds. 

Thank You Lord for always put me  at right place,

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