He has made everything beautiful in it's time.

He has made everything beautiful in it's time.
Ecclesiates 3:11

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Elf's: Supper with JR

We met up last night for supper after my late dinner at Crystal Jade @ Holland Village.

JR was craving for steak, yes, steak @ 11pm..... Yes, 11.00pm, 2300...

And to our surprise, we did manage to find a steaks' place at this hour. 

iSteaks Grillhouse is the place! It is actually located in the Holland Village Hawker Center and JR discovered this place while I was withdrawing $ from the ATM nearby.

I now know, not that he never told me before, but I see with my eyes now, he really loves steaks. And how he can behave like a child when he is craving for his favourite food!

After getting a table, he quickly join in the queue to order his 250gm rib eyes steak ($19.50) and he likes it medium. 

Look at the steak, so thick & juicy... I was sooooo tempted to ask for a bite from him, but alas, I stopped myself. He doesn't like to share food, or I should say taste other people's food, but he doesn't mind if other will be trying his. So, I thought I should respect him by not tasting his food too, to be fair... :)

And he wallowed up all the food on the plate in less than 20 minutes... and he looked so satisfied after finished up the food. A satisfy man is a happy man! Lol~! And I am happy and satisfy too to see how happy and satisfied he was.

After he was fully satisfies, straight away we headed to hunt for a place to have a drink. Actually, I was asking if he wants to have beer at the hawker centre, but he did not allow me to do so... So, we finally decided to go to XinWang located at Lorong Mambong for our drink. He ordered a watermelon ice-blended without sugar while I had my usual hot drink - lemon honey.

We spent our time there, listening to the korean, mandarin & cantonese songs played loudly in the background, chit-chatting with each other, playing bowl with friends on our phone, and chit-chatting... 

This meet up was good. I truly enjoy having a friend like JR. 

And maybe we both know that I am leaving Sg for good soon, we somehow treasure this time together very much, I am not sure about him, but me, definitely! However, I can sense it from him. 

It's so hard to bid farewell... But baby goodbye, doesn't mean forever.. reminded me of a song I once like it very much - Goodbye Girl by Bread.

Well, till we meet again, hopefully soon, and hopefully we can do it often before I return to KL for good. 

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