He has made everything beautiful in it's time.

He has made everything beautiful in it's time.
Ecclesiates 3:11

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Elf's: Tiredness & Exhausted

I woke up super late these last 2 days, 10am... and I felt very tired still, especially on Saturday, my level of productivity is zero 0.

Then I remember I was not like this back in my time in Sg. I worked for 5.5 days, everyday woke up at around 6am, reached home mostly after 8pm, or sometimes after 11am if there is a ministries activities (choir practice, ministries gathering) or other activities with colleagues or friends. Then on Sunday, I can still wake up at 3.30am to prepare myself to serve for morning choir, and after usher, and will end the day by reaching home at around 10pm, and start the weekly routine again. Those were my days. I was so active, busy and energetic!

And now, after rested for about 3 months, I became so used to the laid back lifestyle... I was physically and mentally exhausted by the long hours of training at the office. Too many product knowledge to absorb, new colleagues to mingle with, and most of them are having very different mindset and even level of moral compared to me. I feel tired to start everything afresh.

Daddy God, I ask, for new dose of strength and energy to impart in me, to start afresh my new life here with my new career, new colleagues, new friends and most of all, my beloved family members. Honestly, Lord, You know that I really felt very stressful with my family now, I am still learning on how to live with them in a harmony and happy way. I can't stand the way my sis talked to me, like she is the king of the house, always giving instructions and showing her temper whenever she hears thing that is not pleasing to her or even like to tease/ insult/ make fun of  my belief in Jesus, and mom, for being over sensitive in many areas. Help me, Lord! Help me!

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