He has made everything beautiful in it's time.

He has made everything beautiful in it's time.
Ecclesiates 3:11

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Family: Blessed Mother's Day 2015!

These carnations are given by the sales person from Eu Yan Sang, when we were there yesterday to shop for some products for my sister and our family, beautiful hot pink carnations, and I believe, mom likes them.'

We had a private celebration with mom and aunt Kim on last Sunday, at Mama's Korean. This Sunday, we had another 2 celebrations, lunch and dinner. 

Sannie and I brought mom to the Work 31 Shop Cafe located at Metro Perdana for lunch. It's a nice cafe with some delicious foods as well as a good cuppa coffee. We had ordered a photobook for mom as a gift, and we handed it to her while we were waiting for our foods and drinks. Mom loves the photobook. 

Our family culture is to have a dinner with grandma and all other direct relatives, so, we had 2 tables booked at Guan Kee restaurant. The food was normal except the curry prawn, it was very delicious. However, their service was very bad. Not sure if I will dine at this restaurant again, unless at my grandma's request. 

This is the first mother's day I spent in KL since 2007. Looking at all my relatives, my family members, I knew I have missed out so much since 2007. And this is also the first Mother's Day we celebrate without my dad... Daddy, we miss you, I miss you so much! 

Nanako also posted a pic on FB, a pic I shared a year ago, when I celebrated Mother's day with her last year. I dated her for dinner at JPM during her dinner break, she was still working at FP during that time. I guess, she misses me a lot! Haha!

But God is so good and faithful. He is restoring all the lost time for me and my family. His hands are definitely in my story, in my life. Thank You Lord! Felt so loved by You, always! 

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