He has made everything beautiful in it's time.

He has made everything beautiful in it's time.
Ecclesiates 3:11

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Elf's: The New Covenant Church (tNCC)

I have been looking for a home church since dad is having health challenge issue and sis are insisting me to go back to KL for good. 

I came across The New Covenant Church (tNCC) while checking for grace-based church in KL by using Google search, and read some blog about this church, thinking that I should pay it a visit one day when I am at home.

The New Covenant Churh tNCC

It has been about 2 months since I have this plan but it was never able to carry out, until last Sunday.

One week before I go back, I text-ed Yong and invited him to go with me, and he has agreed.

So, we met up at 9.30am on Sunday, and headed to this church, which is located nearby at Damansara Utama directly.

Upon entering to the sanctuary, the ushers were standing at the door to greet the church comers. The setup of the stage looks familiar, but without the choir group. I chose a seat next to the video camera, and its quite center-seats and started chit-chatting with Yong. Then, along came some elders and servers came to greet us, and even the senior pastor of tNCC - Pastor Peter Sze. Feel so homely, coz everyone seems to know everyone. While all these were happening, the worship team were busy testing the sounds system and doing rehearsal on stage, just like how we do it at NCC.

The service started at 10.15am with a couples of church announcements, then praise & worship [4 songs, including 1st song: Hillsong -  cannot recall the song title anymore...  :(; Pastor Darlene Zchech - Best For Me; True Worshippers- Karana SalibMu; Hillsong - This I Believe (the Creed)], the sharing of testimonies, the pastor will invite the church members to share their testimony on stage, about 5 testimonies was shared on that morning. Then they split to the individual ministry- Chinese & Children. Sermon, and it was Pastor Peter Sze preaching on that day, the story of David and Mephiboseth. Then altar call, the whole church will pray for the salvation prayer, and dismiss. 

Mephibosheth vs Us
The church has a mini restaurant for lunch after the service, where the foods are cooked and blessed by the church members. Yong and I were invited by Brother Zhon to the eating place for a meal and we had a talk and understand the church a little better. Indeed, the church was impacted by Ps Prince message on garce, and sense a calling from God to start his own ministry and church. Later on, Pastor Peter came to us and talking with us. He is a humble, friendly and young at heart. We talked for awhile and took some pictures as well.

Pastor Peter Sze with Evelyn Zoé
I thank God for the opportunity to be able to visit to tNCC. It's like going back to NCC when I stepped in and the members are very polite, friendly and humble, it gives me a homely feeling. And I will definitely visit this church again when I am in KL.

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