He has made everything beautiful in it's time.

He has made everything beautiful in it's time.
Ecclesiates 3:11

Friday, 24 October 2014

Elf's: Godly Friend

We were suppose to catch a movie together yesterday, however, we missed the show time as he insisted that I should take a proper lunch. There's always next time for the movie, right? 

The dessert we had was super yummy - 楊枝甘露 from 香港盛記甜品店 at Vivo City. My lunch was so-so and I believed his 燒賣 were the same. 

Yummy 楊枝甘露

We went for a walk at Vivo City, stayed outdoor at one of the balconies at level 1 and talked for awhile, about his encounters at HK. Apparently, Causeway Bay is a very nice area and very atas, specially for expats that work for Cathay. Wow! And he loves that place. 

Then I suggested to take a walk at the Sentosa Boardwalk. And it was his first time walking there. I felt so priviledge  and special as he is going to walk there with me for his first time. So, we walked and paid $1 as entrance fee to Sentosa. 

Walked at Sentosa for awhile and we headed back to Vivo by taking the LRt. And we headed to the coffee house he has suggested although I wanted to go to my fav Costa Coffee so much, but I really don't mind trying any new thing with him. 

So, it is a newly opened coffee house - abc that is located just next to Jamie's Italian. Nice environment. Cozy and warm. I wanted to order my fav drink - Flat White, of coz. But he teased me that I made a good choice for Flat White has the highest milk contains compared to the rest. (I was being advised by my GP to avoid milky and oily food as I was having gastroenteritis). So, I knew I have to change my drink and he suggested mocha, which is my second fav drink. And latte for himself. He also has ordered a piece of brownies to share, and he checked with the counter that it doesn't contains milk. How thoughtful and swet can he be? 

My Mocha in red cup, love it!

My mocha came in a red cup, which is our fav colour. I was super happy with it. And with a heart-shape latte-art (although my order was not latte), its almost perfect. And when I tasted it, it was good. Fragrant and smooth textures. 

His Latte

His latte came with a heart-shaped latte art too. Not sure how it taste, but I guess it's good. And I think his fav drink should be latte, as this is not the first time he ordered latte. 

We had a not so long but definitely one of the best conversations we ever had. He truly cares about my future, and gave me his sincere advises, and encouraged me that it's not too late to start my planning now, I am still young. 

Me and my red cup Mocha

Then, he suggested to take a pic of me drinking my mocha in my fav red cup. So cute of him. He also commented that I like to dress up. I told him I like to dress up but not dress out, and will dress up for special people, special function or special ocassion only. 

When we bid our goodbye to each other, as we were going to different way, I need to take CCL to go back to BL, and he will take NEL to go back to LI. I went down the escalator by myself, and enter the train. I chose to stand at the corner and I noticed that someone sat at the twin seats next to me, and that person was using his phone at me as if he is taking a pic of me. I did not pay much attention at first and thought maybe is just a tourist, then that person is like trying to get my attention, so, when I looked again at that person, wola! It was him. I was surprised coz he was supposed to rush home after meeting me up. And he told me that he needs to drop something at his home at TB. So I asked if I can go with him as it was still early and my aunt did not cook for me. 

We walked to his block and I waited for him under the block while he went up for his business. We talked a lot... and while walking back to the train station, I saw a very unique buildings, okay, it's 3 buildings actually, and I asked him if he knows what building was that. It was called Reflections @ Keppel Bay. And he also shared with me that this is like the proud of Keppel Construction, and the buildings are also featured in Keppel's advertisement, the one with a very nice instrument, and we hummed it together. It was almost perfect. A perfect moment for us. 

Reflections at Keppel Bay
We give each other a hug while waiting for the lift to go down to the train station, it has been so long since we last hugged each other, but we did not prolong the hug, just a short and solid hug for each other. 

“But I think we both knew, even then, that what we had was something even more rare, and even more meaningful. I was going to be his friend, and was going to show him possibilities. And he, in turn, would become someone I could trust more than myself.” 
― David LevithanBoy Meets Boy

We love because He first loved us.  - 1 John 4:19 (NIV)

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