He has made everything beautiful in it's time.

He has made everything beautiful in it's time.
Ecclesiates 3:11

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Elf's: Undeserved, Unearned, Unmerited Favour ~ GRACE!

It was supposed to be a super awesome and blessed Sunday full of pre-arranged programs.

I was supposed to wake up at 3.45am in order to be able to report for choir service on time, which is 7.00am at The Star, but I ended up woke up at 6.25am, which is about 3 hours of overslept. Don't ask me how can this happened, as until now, I am still yet to figure it out. They said it's God's will for me to rest and sleep longer. Well, I do not wanna blame it on God's will, but, I guess I should not blame nor condemn myself neither. 

We got corrected by our choir director on Tuesday before the choir practice started. She was very disappointed by the punctuality of our team, be it during practice, or on Sunday service itself. Although I am usually there early or on time, I do not take her corrections for granted, coz I think choir is not about individual, but teamwork. So, on Saturday night, I rejected all the invitations for games and dinner from Team 15, and just stayed home to practice the 2 new songs and one special feature item for choir, and got on bed pretty early and sleep with playing Pastor's song in my background. However, it's never my plan to wake up so much later than what I have already planned. 

I was so panic and really didn't know what I should do, and I text-ed my leader to ask for her opinion and also report to her about my situation here. Thank God for understanding and gracious leader, and she did not condemn me and gave me the green light to come to serve at 2nd service instead. So, I started to prepare myself - wash myself, anoint myself and put on my choir garments and makeup and off I go. 

While I was preparing myself, sis send me a text via WeChat and told me that dad is having a headache. I was worried, but she did not update me much until later of the day, she told me that this is unusual for dad, and so, I have advised her to observe dad's condition and see if there is a need to send to private hospital.

So, I bumped into Jessie and Paul when I arrived at Star as they just ended their first service, and I could not control myself but cried in front of Jessie, they thought I was condemned because of I was late for first service. Well, I do feel guilty for that, but what really got me was my dad's condition, and I felt so loved that Daddy God sent Jessie to me while I needed someone to really express my thoughts and feelings.

Second service was awesome, I was able to sing without looking at the screen for lyrics most of the time, coz I really did memorize the lyrics on Saturday. Grace Upon Grace made my tears flowed non-stop and when my tears started to flow, the camera was penning on my side... I hope it was not penning on me at all. You Are My All In All is the special feature for choir, and we did it so well, received many compliments from the leaders, praise Jesus, and Alex is a very good conductor! Kudos!

photo session with Ada and Priss

Our most beloved, blessed and anointed Senior Pastor - Pastor Joseph Prince
Ada and I went for a brunch at sixty40 at Rochester Mall, and it was a super long brunch, and we talked about many things and get to know each other better, in may ways. And we managed to attend 3rd service together with Nell, Jann Jann and her boy.friend - Nicholas Jin HaoLian.

Lunch @ sixty40

God is awesomely good! We had Dr Marilyn Hickey as our guest speaker at church. Dr Hickey is a 83 year-old healing evangelist and she is a great preacher as well. She has encouraged us to send a word of healing to someone that we know that needed healing. So, I tried my very best, using my lightning flash mind to translate my prayer, or rather, word of healing from English into Chinese and sent to my dad by sms. I don't know about my dad, but as for me, I am well and very much confident about God's healing for my dad. He is working in me and my family. Salvation is so near for them! Hallelujah! 

After the service, we went for late lunch at Yayoiken, and met up with Ada and Crystal at Cedele for a short catch-up before heading to Changi Airport for the planned-surprise-advance birthday celebration for Cam Cam. It was a night full of foods & laughter. We stayed at T3 until 12 plus in the morning, which is midnight, then Jann Jann  has volunteered to send me & Qwen back as we are living in the west.

The anointed artists with OverTheMoon cake decorations.
On our way back, we had a very quality talk with each other, and I believed each one of us had learnt something for the topic we were on. Praise Jesus for kingdom friends like them! I am truly blessed to have so many sincere and truthful family and friends from the body of Christ thru NCC.

Ended up, I reached home at 3am, and when I think back, the whole Sunday, was initially planned with so many different arrangement, but it was stirred up by God and made an much more awesome and blessed agendas for me, at least. All glory and praises to my Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, alone. Hallelujah! 

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